Learn Pet Treats for Medium advice and taboos

Learn Pet Treats for Medium advice and taboos

The owner of the dog will find that some dogs are also fond of picky eaters, especially giant and miniature dogs. Dogs are naturally carnivorous animals, but they also have a wide range of food. Although eating in the wild from time to time to eat grass and wild fruit, but the dog has become a pet and the ancestors of the ancestors to obtain food is obviously different, the food selectivity has also changed. Dogs like to eat meat, do not like to eat food, we can come to a result: dogs prefer sweets, rich foods. Dogs are very important for the smell of food, which will affect their appetite. If the dog is willing to eat the same food every day, the diet is balanced, and the nutrition of the Pet Treats for Medium is adequate, then the dietary habits are reasonable. If the owners change the food because of the dogs' picky eaters, the dogs will not be able to adapt to the new food. diarrhea.

How should the owner choose foods suitable for dogs? Xiao Bian recommends that when choosing foods for dogs, they should be consistent with the type of food they eat on a daily basis. Eat one or two meals a day, as long as the dog can absorb enough energy and nutrition in the food to maintain his health. Dogs do not like to be disturbed by external influences when they eat dry foods, and they have contact with their ancestors in the wild. They can find prey for days, eat their food, and resist powerful animals.

Dogs need to pay attention to dietary taboos, chocolate, uncooked meat, expired pet food, meat bones, salt, garlic onions and other foods. The harm of chocolate is very great. The caffeine and theobromine contained in chocolate have a serious impact on the dog's heart and central nervous system. If the dog eats, the initial response may be diarrhea. In severe cases, vomiting, convulsions and even Death; Uncooked meat contains E. coli, so these bacteria can cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs; meat bones, I believe that all owners will give dogs to eat, dogs also like to eat, and as a good molar Methods, but dogs bite the bones into small pieces, these small pieces into the intestine, after wear and even through the esophagus, causing intestinal obstruction, the dog will appear diarrhea and vomiting.

Xiao Bian concludes that although dogs are closely related to humans, the dog's eating habits and dietary patterns are very different from those of humans. Therefore, the masters really love dogs, and they want dogs to be healthy and healthy. They must eat dogs. The relevant food, only feeding Pet Treats for Medium is the right way!