The importance of Lecithin for dogs

The importance of Lecithin for dogs

Lecithin, is known as a "third nutrient" along with protein and vitamins. Initially, lecithin was found in the human brain. It was first extracted and separated from egg yolk. Later, science and technology progressed, and lecithin was extracted from soybeans. The main components in pet lecithin products on the market were mostly soy lecithin. .

What is the role of lecithin in dogs?

(A) Beauty Hair / Skin Care

Lecithin is the main component of the cell membrane of organisms, which can repair damaged cell membranes, activate body metabolism, and supplement essential amino acids in the body. By having lecithin, the skin is better and has stronger resistance. 

(B) Enhance immunity and delay aging

Lecithin can increase cell activity, strengthen the ability of cells to eliminate free radicals, help delay aging, promote metabolism, and enhance pet immunity. Suitable for young, old, or weak dogs.

(C) Strengthen bones

Lecithin can improve the digestion and absorption of vitamins and nutrients, promote bone growth, increase endurance, and increase fecundity; improve pregnancy and pregnancy mother's constitution, increase the number of fetuses, and promote lactation.

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