Management style from our market leader Mars.

Management style from our market leader Mars.

The management style of Fraser Mars is the foundation of this company. Today, his ideas have officially become the company's management philosophy, known as the Mars Corporation's five principles, these principles written in a manual, all Mars Company's office has this manual. In addition, this booklet has also been translated into several different languages for overseas offices and factories. These five principles are: quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency, and freedom.

Quality: "Customer First" is our belief; maintaining quality is our job; making our products worthwhile is our goal.

Responsibility: As individuals, we ask everyone to do their best; as colleagues, we support other colleagues to do their part.

Mutuality: Mutuality is the sharing of benefits; benefits that can be shared will last.

Efficiency: We make full use of all resources and never waste it; we must do everything in our power and make the best use of it.

Freedom: We need independence to shape our future; we need profits to maintain independence.