Some of the good practice

When labeling our product based on FEDIAF
Some of the good practice when labeling our product based on FEDIAF

Food labeling can be one of the biggest challenge because it must be aligned with multiple regulations, regardless of its region.


We have found some interesting facts about pet food labeling(Obviously those are applicable for dog treats labeling), which sometimes it can be easily neglected.


Feed material must be list with their concentrated or dehydrated form(by adding terminologies such as “dried”, “powder”, “meal” or similar forms) if the feed material were used in those form as ingredient.


For example, you should not list Tomato as an ingredient even if the tomato powder is one of the original ingredient. Instead, you should clearly state that the ingredient as tomato powder


Further, FEDIAF allow a consumer-friendly name for the technical descriptive term to be used when labeling ingredient. However this should be by no means misleading or confusing the consumer.

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