What is Important for us?

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What is Important for us?

Sweet pet has been in dog treats & dog snacks industry for more than 5 years, and its core developer has more than 15 years experience in this industry.

As a manufactuer, we are carrying our value through all the way because we think it is very important.

Below points are basically our core value 

1, Food Safety/Supply Chain Safety.

No matter what we produce, either it is dog treats, dog snacks, dog dental chews, those all belongs to food category. multiple cases had proven that supply chain safety (food safety) can cause catastrophic disasters in food industry, and we always prioritize food safety, even sometimes it is costly.The horse meet scandal in UK five years ago was an example for this, where the reputation lost alongside UK supermarket chain was indeed a bullwhip effect caused by manufacturer.

2, Be a pet lover!

We love pets, and that is reason we are doing this business. We value our dearest friends as much as human beings, and we are creating products that make them fulfilled & healthy. Of course commerce plays a big role in any business module, we are aiming a commercial grow with a high-quality product under zero-mistake-tolerable attitude to make our friends happier.

3,Trustwrothy relationship.

Compare to other industry, the relationship between supplier and buyer is vitally improtant in pet food industry. One of reason is because that it takes a huge effort to build up a partnership in the first place : You will probably pay a visit to the factory, work on the quotation, confirm the sample, etc before successfully complete a shipment. This make it very painful for both supplier and buyer when a ruotation is needed. Sweet pet believe that a trustwory relationship is vital, and we always help with any needs from purchasers.

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