What does it suggest ?

When you see cellulose in composition,
When you see cellulose in composition, what does it suggest ?

Fiber is a nutrition that is often overlooked in the dog's diet, but fiber is very important and beneficial to dogs. It is derived only from botanical ingredients such as sweet potatoes, peas and green beans commonly found in dog food. Of course, the quality of the fiber is also very important. For example, some dog foods (not only domestically but also imported) are labeled with “cellulose”, which may sound like nothing, but it may be made of shredded paper.

Fruits and vegetables are the best source of fiber. However, fibers are also divided into two types, soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber can cause gas generated from fermentation in the colon. Insoluble fiber absorbs water as it passes through the digestive tract. Unlike soluble fiber, insoluble fiber does not produce intestinal gas. Excessive soluble fiber can cause excessive gas and diarrhea in the intestine. Excessive insoluble fiber also has some disadvantages. It can bind through the combination of minerals in food. To reduce the nutritional value of diet, resulting in reduced body weight and lower fur health. So what benefits does high fiber food bring to dogs?

help digestion

Like humans, high-fibre foods can have a possitive impact on dog's digestive system. Fibers are usually fermented into short chain fatty acids by a group of beneficial bacteria naturally present in the intestinal canal of dogs. This fatty acid helps prevent the overgrowth of all bad bacteria and helps the bowel to recover.

Fibres also help reduce the risk of colon cancer in dogs and can also reduce diarrhea and constipation

Healthy weight

Obesity is a major cause of many dog diseases. Without reluctance to reduce the amount of feed, adding a proper amount of high-fiber food to the diet can make the dog feel full, and the calorie intake of the dog stay less. It is a good choice for dogs trying to lose weight.

Improve Diabetes

Certain fibers can slow the dog's digestive rate and keep blood sugar levels from being stimulated. This allows dogs with high fiber foods to have less blood sugar fluctuations, which means you can better control your dog's diabetes.

Apart from the above, high fiber can also reduce the sensitivity of dogs to insulin, although researchers are not yet sure what the principle is. However, it is well known that many veterinarians recommend that dogs with diabetes to eat high-fiber foods. Of course, depending on the individual, the condition of each dog may be slightly different, and some dogs with diabetes may only need a small amount of fiber to work better.