The newest market trend

Why do SWEET Pet focus on functionality of dog treats
Why do SWEET Pet focus on functionality & the newest market trend of dog treats

With the increase awareness on well-being, health & functionality played a more important roles when cosumers are making their purchase decision nowadays.

Studies are showing the same trend for pet parents when choosing the treats & snacks for their beloved companion.28% Amercan consumers claimed that the snacks are healthier compare to them in a year ago. Those pet parents who are choosing healtheir treats have way higher chances to choose a functional treats for their dogs.

To cater the market needs, Sweet Pet, who aim to provide dog treats and dog snacks to solve potential dental problems, have developed two new series : Golden care series and Green petrichor series. 

Golden Care series:


As our dogs age their dietary needs change. Our Golden Care series is designed specifically for dogs in their later years. Studies show that almost 48% of the worldwide dog population is considered senior (above 7 years old) and there is a lack of bespoke products to cater to their needs at this stage of their lives.


One of the biggest issues facing senior dogs is gum health - not only because of years of build up, but also because of their compromised immune systems. In designing a product for older dogs we have to ensure they aren’t too soft and compromise their own effectiveness; nor too hard so that they actually hurt the gums or are too difficult to digest.  

Our secret recipe achieves this balance, reaching all areas of the mouth to deliver an overall dental clean with a great taste.


Our unique formula includes Polyphosphates which act as chelators to lock away or bind calcium from the saliva. This removes Tartar and Plaque and promotes healthy gums, Golden Care provides a tasty, healthy treat which works in multiple ways in keeping your ageing pet healthy and happy.

-Super soft – a super soft, chewable and easily digestible product

-High tenacity - with higher tenacity, the chews last longer and are more effective in cleaning.

-2 in 1 ultra care – a non-traditional cleaning treat that tastes great too. 

-Nutrition absorption : The super soft chewy treats make it easier for other nutrition to be absorbed, such as Lecithin (Skin Care), Omega-3,Omega-6( Immunity enhancement) ,Brewers Yeast (eliminate anxiety) all beneficial to any dogs health

Green Petrichor series:


Growing vegetarianism and veganism in humans has also increased the demand for pet products that do not contain meat and are made from natural ingredients. Based on Studies from Laurence Colliard, Britain and the US have shown that up to 44% of dogs are overweight or obese. And consumer preference all natural products is at an all time high of 92%.  Green Pertichor meets these growing trends.


Green Petrichor is a completely vegetable based product made from wholesome ingredients without compromising on the nutritional content required to keep pets healthy.  This unique product is environmentally friendly and especially good for pets who struggle with meat digestion, weight issues or simply owners who prefer their pets to eat a totally vegetarian diet.


Why Green Petrichor:

-Sustainability – The products is made from quality natural raw ingredients.

-Wholesome Vegetables – All ingredients are grown with love and made from the heart

-Nutritionally Balanced – There is no compromise on the nutritional value of the product despite it being ‘Green’.

-Weight management : With added cellulose and all vegetable as ingredient, Green Petrichor is extremely effective on weight management