Working towards?

Zum zeitpunkt der veröffentlichung:2021-06-26
What does China Sweet Pet currently?
What does China Sweet Pet currently working towards?

we are proudly announce that we will launch two new categories for our dog treats and dog snacks.

First category is aiming for aged/senior dogs. We have learned that there are 48% dogs around the world which is 7 years old or above, and currently generatic dog treats may not suits them very well: While gum health is extremely important to senior dogs, the current dental chew products for dogs are too hard for them. Whereas if the hardness drops, the functionality of dental cleanning might be disappear. We have added our secret fomulation which will be disclosed shortly.

Second category is for weight management. An all-vegetable ingredient treats will be annouced during the CIPS. 

Do not miss out !