Vitamins in Pet Treats for Medium

Vitamins in Pet Treats for Medium

Vitamin is a low-molecular organic compound that is necessary for the metabolism of pets and is a very low-molecular-weight organic compound. It is generally unable to synthesize in the body and is mainly dependent on Pet Treats for Medium. Apart from a few individual vitamins, most of them require Pet Treats for Mediums. Additional additions to manufacturing.

Vitamins do not form the body's tissues and raw materials, nor are they energy substances. They mainly participate in the metabolism of the body in the form of coenzymes and catalysts, so as to ensure the cell structure and normal function of the body tissues and organs, maintain pet health and various production activities. In Pet Treats for Mediums, according to specific factors such as different pet species, different physiological stages, and developmental conditions, it is required to add very strictly, and vitamins required by other animals cannot be used for replacement. Normal and abnormal quantities often cause pets. Sensitive changes, do not add at will.

There are some vitamins that can be synthesized through the pet's own body and do not need to be added during the manufacture and production of Pet Treats for Mediums. It is no practical significance to increase the cost of Pet Treats for Mediums, but some vitamins must be added to Pet Treats for Mediums because pets cannot synthesize themselves and are difficult to obtain from other sources, but only from food.

Different types of vitamins have different physiological effects and characteristics on pets. Lack and excess will have a greater impact on pets. Therefore, it requires strict control of the pet's demand for different vitamins during the preparation of Pet Treats for Mediums.