What is BRC certificate why it is important?

What is BRC certificate why it is important?

BRC British Retail Consortium is an important international trade association its members include large-scale multinational retail chains, department stores, town shops, online stores and other retailers. A very extensive amount of products were involved including pet treats, pet chews and pet snacks.

In 1998, the British Retail Consortium developed the BRC Food Technical Standard based on industry needs to evaluate the safety of retailers' own-brand foods. BRC certification has become an internationally recognized food standard. It can be used not only to evaluate retailers' suppliers, but also to establish their own supplier evaluation system and brand product production standards. Shortly after the standard was released, many other industry organizations discovered the reference value of the standard and developed it and applied it to their respective industry standards. With the extensive implementation of food standards, BRC has also issued other global standards such as Consumer Product Standard, Food Packaging Standard, and others.

It is though not mandatory for foreign companies exporting to the UK and Europe to comply with BRC standards. However, as its name suggests, BRC have become the most widely accepted supplier's best standard in many industries, not only for the evaluation of retailer brand product manufacturers, but also for brand product evaluation. After the certification audit is passed, the certification body will issue the BRC certificate for the organization. Many European and global retailers (such as Australia), when selecting suppliers, will also require BRC certificates as one of the conditions. BRC certification has become an important certification for entering the international market.

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